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purple feather
green feather
spirit of nature
spirit of nature 1
spirit of nature 2
spirit of nature 3
spirit of nature 4
shoal beach 1
shoal beach 2
I gotta move
moonscape dark side
moonscape full moon
humunculus 1
humunculus 2
drink canada dry
eye test
wish me luck
peggy's garden
iceberg alley
gone fishin
fog bank
coffee can bird house
velo bull's head
harlequin bull's head
shaman bull's head
mask bull's head
beach bull's head
funky bull's head
street metal panel
president's blend
canoe lake ode to tom thomson
eastern sky crazy quilt panel
full moon crockinole moon
phoenix panel
admiral's cove checker board
ashbridge's beach board bull's head
hawk from oaxaca
ambidextrous snake in the grass
new moons panel
the four seasons panel
spirit of nature panel poem on the back
star field panel
snake in the grass
rail fence totem
end game ode to Beckett
shooting stars cream crackers
maxwell house star field panel
trying to get a handle on art triptych
various vessels panel
shooting stars president's choice
big bad bill with poem on back
shooting stars cookie tin
tabula razza bull's head
handle with kid gloves
great big fog

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