It’s the real thing
Working with “Art I Found”
People’s litter
Working with the rough side of life
Not pretty or nice art
Sort of a gauge to how it’s going
Staying close to your feelings
Your intuitions…
Touch taste smell – sight – hearing
Listening with the third eye
Remembering to protect yourself
When you leave the studio…… close down
(a note posted on the back of the door)
Because you work wide open
Thinking of Newfoundland/Admiral’s Cove
On the Avalon Peninsula
And hearing the waves on the stone shore
A shoal beach below our cabin
Seeing the gulls overhead
Hearing and seeing the whales
Smelling the ocean in the air
Being there looking out to the ocean
The Atlantic Ocean in all its strength
Pounding into the cove at Ferryland’s
Digging in my “secret” midden in the bush
To discover the history from before
And “finds” for my artworks
Stuff to take back to my studio
In Toronto
To struggle with and create my art
My actual art.